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Manage multiple screens
Manage multiple screens

Control what content plays on which screen in a network with multiple devices

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This guide will show you how to manage content on multiple screens.

Displays can have tags to categorise them and group different displays together.

Displays are given a Name tag by default. You can also create Location and Category tags for advanced control over a very large network.

Location and category tags can be nested for more control.

Step 1
Click the Setting icons

Then click Display Settings & Tags

Step 2
Give your Displays a Name by clicking the little pencil icon to the right of "Name".

Once you've named all of your screens, move on to the next steps.

Step 3

On the right side of the page, click the Open Tag Manager button.

Under Locations, ensure you have a tag for every location that your screens can be assigned to, either individually or as a group, for example, Dessert Section, Welcome Area etc...

Under Categories, ensure you have a tag for every category that you'd like your screens to be assigned to, either individually or as a group, for example, Specials etc...

Make sure you click each new tag to make it active, displayed blue & purple below:

If tags are not active, they cannot be assigned to screens.

Click Close Tag Manager and you will see your current tags:

Step 4
Return to the Manage page by clicking the settings icon at the top left

then Manage.

Step 5
You can create a Layout if you have not already, by clicking Add layout

Highlighted in green at the bottom right of the screenshot below:

Step 6
Give your layout a name and click Add.

Step 6
Click the Tag assignment button at the bottom right of the layout you want to assign to your first screen.

Step 7
By default, a new layout is tagged with "All displays" which as you may have guessed, means that the layout will play on all of your displays.

Select just the display you want this layout to play on:

Step 8
Now that you have created a layout and tagged it with just the display you want it playing on, drag and drop some content onto the layout from your "My Content" folder or upload a video or image by dragging and dropping it into the layout.

Step 9
When you want to add another layout, simply click the Add Layout button.

Step 10
Repeat Steps 4 - 9 for each screen/layout.

Step 12
You can also tag a layout with multiple displays to have it run on whichever ones you select on your layout Tag assignment. The below example has a layout with 2 displays tagged.

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